Carter's Pro Quality Cleaning $29,000 Liquid Capital Required

Carter's Pro Quality Cleaning


Why Franchise with Pro Quality Cleaning?


When you invest in a Pro Quality Cleaning franchise, you gain the expertise of a team of successful business owners, a proven business model to follow, the benefits of an established brand, and an exclusive territory from which to grow your business. As business owners, our franchisees control their own destinies and decide for themselves an appropriate work/life balance for their families. They are able to reap the rewards of owning a successful business and challenge themselves to grow personally and professionally.


Commercial Cleaning Industry

The commercial cleaning industry is a $78 billion and growing industry that is guaranteed to never become obsolete. In the last 10 years, the commercial cleaning sector has grown at an average of 6.6% each year. While no industry is completely recession-proof, this industry typically sees fewer ebbs and flows during difficult economic times.


Each Pro Quality Cleaning franchise owner will own and operate their cleaning company in an exclusive local territory under the Pro Quality Cleaning brand. After receiving initial franchise training as a new owner, they will start operations and grow their business with support and guidance from corporate HQ.

The exciting part of ownership is that each day will be different. The early days will be focused on launching the business, prospecting for new clients and learning as much as possible about the janitorial industry. As the business grows and matures, the franchise owner’s responsibilities will include managing a growing staff of janitors, supervisors, and office personnel on a day-to-day basis.



The role of each franchise owner can be summed up below:

  • Maintain brand standards and follow the systems of Pro Quality Cleaning.
  • Conduct marketing and sales activities to increase total revenue and profitability of their local business.
  • Provide strong management and leadership to their employees on a day-to-day basis.
  • Manage the multitude of daily tasks that come with running a business, including sales, operations, and finance.
  • Although the focus of each franchise owner is to work ON their business and not IN their business, each franchise owner must be willing to step up and clean offices themselves if need be, especially in the beginning stages. It is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to make sure the customer receives the best possible service.
  • Receive ongoing training and support from corporate HQ.


While it might involve a bit more effort than purchasing a mop and bucket, your path to success is really just a few steps away. Our franchise application process is easy and transparent, and designed to help you make the best possible decision for your future.

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