Naturals2Go $48,000 Liquid Capital Required



Get in on the Healthy Vending Craze!

Healthy vending is a worldwide trend. Get in on the ground floor of this exploding industry and take advantage of this great opportunity with Naturals2Go!

Naturals2Go knows the healthy vending industry - in fact, we pioneered it! Consumers prefer healthy vending options, and as a Naturals2Go owner you can provide them with top-selling healthy snacks and drinks - and you'll make great profit!



Why start a vending business?

  • - Your vending machines will work for you 24 hours a day/7 days a week!
  • - Start full or part time – replace your current job or supplement your income.
  • - No franchise fees or royalties.
  • - Enjoy all the benefits of owning a business – such as tax savings and expense write-offs.
  • - Grow at your own pace. Start with 3 or 50 machines or any number in between – it’s your call.
  • - Manage your business from any Internet connection including your mobile phone.
  • - Best of all, NO technical knowledge or experience is required.



Naturals2Go has helped hundreds of people launch and grow their own healthy vending businesses. In any business, marketing is not 'one size fits all’, so we offer three proven options to market your business and get excellent locations for your vending machines. We have the expertise for financing your new business, locating your machines, sourcing products, managing inventory and cash flow. It will work for you; we have proven results.



We are a solid, debt-free company with almost 30 years in business success. We will help you with everything you need to get started. Our training program, delivered by some of the most successful vending people in the industry, comprehensively covers the key aspects of starting a business – from identifying your business goals to ways to expand your business quickly. Our business coach will be your mentor and partner throughout your business operation.



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